Fleet of Car

Fleet of Car



Vehicle Type HRS a Day Days A Week Monthly Rates Extra P/kms Extra Hrs/charges
Toyota Camry 10Hrs 5 (Sun-Thurs) 9500/-AED 0.75 45/-AED P/Hrs
Toyota Avalon 10Hrs 5 (Sun-Thurs) 10000/-AED 0.75 45/-AED P/Hrs
Toyota Previa 10Hrs 5 (Sun-Thurs) 11000/-AED 0.75 45/-AED P/Hrs
Toyota Parado 10Hrs 5 (Sun-Thurs) 13000/-AED 1.00 50/-AED P/Hrs
Toyota Land Cruisor 10Hrs 5 (Sun-Thurs) 15000/-AED 1.00 50/-AED P/Hrs
Mercedes GL 500 10Hrs 5 (Sun-Thurs) 25000/-AED 2.00 75/-AED P/Hrs
Mercedes S Class 400 10Hrs 5 (Sun-Thurs) 30000/-AED 2.00 100/-AED P/Hrs

The Above Rates are valid within Dubai city

•     Extra kms will be charged if the vehicle Is used outside Dubai city

•     Extra per hrs will be charged if it’s exceeded the time limit.

•     The above rates included Vehicle, Driver, Salik and Fuel.


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