1-Airport Trips

Traveling by air these days is stressful enough. New construction, parking, and other travelers, make going to the airport a potentially stressful situation. Let us make that time to and from the airport, virtually stress free, and more productive. No searching for a parking space, no searching for your terminal, just hop in, you're there already.


Join a celebration of your relatives wedding ceremony. Various services are provided to set the mood.  Inside the transportation stresses of the outside world disappear. No waiting for a 100 degree car to cool down. No dealing with traffic.  Trust us to get you there in a comfortable pleasant environment. After enjoying at the event, sit back and watch & listen to the songs while we shuttle you back to your home. 

3-Labor Shuttling

Construction companies, contracting firms put an end investing in own fleet of buses and the hassles of their maintenance. ARABIAN Bus & car Rentals provide shuttling facilities to the blue collars too. You would be picked up right from your stop and dropped back.

4-Guided City Tours

From our long experience with travel logistics; we have customized a handful of the most sweeping and exciting tour itineraries and   daily excursions to enchanting sites around Dubai. We have been actively involved in providing tourist services of a very diversified nature to a varied market, such as incentives, conferences, exhibitions, events, launches, ordinary groups, individuals etc.


5-School/College Students

Save for your studies!!!! No hassles of waiting for your school bus anymore. Your tension free travel begins with a call to ARABIAN. We provide pickup-and drop facility at extremely competitive prices.

6-Chauffeur Driven

We have the vehicles and the personnel to handle your Transportation needs.

7-Working Executives

Don’t have a license? Can’t opt for a car? Too tired to wait for a cab? ARABIAN Transportation comes as a savior of your precious time. You would be picked-up room your very accommodation to office and vice versa.

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